anm document

"Rapport presentées au Conseil d'Administration
par Rougier tendant à l'approbation d'un cahier
des charges pour la fourniture par adjudication
publique de 1,200,000 kilos de mil au
Chemin de Fer en 1904" in ANM K 11 fonds anciens

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This report (and two similar reports for peanuts and meat) describes the food requirements of the railroad for its workers. 1,200,000 kilos of millet was sufficent to provide 1,200,000 rations for a year, so the railroad must have expected to distribute an average of 3287 rations per day. The railroad administration also wanted 400 tons of peanuts with which to make about 80 tons of peanut oil. The report includes a bid for live animals to provide meat.