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Commissaire de Police Aurial, Procès Verbal de recherches infructeuses" (Kayes, July 16, 1903)
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This is the story of a criminal investigation involving the theft of ticket receipts from the Kayes gare. Apparently, ticket receipt boxes from all of the stations were brought to Kayes at the end of each 10-day period. While chef de gare Sgt. Henry was out of the office on the afternoon of July 14, 1903, someone took the Kita receipt box. (Kita was the largest station after Kayes, so this would have held the most money.)

Sgt. Henry said that only station employees could have gotten into his office, since it was locked when he left. Suspicion was directed at the three Africans employed as telegraph operators, since they entered and left the station frequently in the course of their duties. Inquiries were made concerning Amadou Sow, a telegraph operator from Khasso; Hamet Sall, an apprentice telegraph operator from Kayes-Liberté; and Amadou Fall, a telegraph operatorfrom at Kayes-Ville. Nothing was ever proven, and according to a subsequent report, Henry received 15 days in prison for his negligence. The total loss due to theft turned out to be 2535.79 francs. [see also "Rapport du Rougier à Ministère des Colonies au sujet d'un vol commis à la gare de Kayes pendant la journée du 14 Juillet 1903"]