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Letter from Lt. Collot to his commander describing African resistance during a census tour (June 7, 1895)
in ANM 5 D 44, fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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Lt. Collot's report mentions a incident of resistance. In one village, the chief told him that there were men preparing to do something bad. Collot asked for the names and was told that Baba Balo and Soukalo Diara were ringleaders. When he tried to arrest them, Baba got away, but was captured a few days later. Baba made this statement which was quoted in the report.

"Encore le blanc? Mais il est partout; je l'ai vu a Togou. A Yolo on m'a dit qu'il etait passé et maintenant, il va venir ici. S'on les laisse entrer, je m'en vais. Puis, dans la journée à Togou, il a amené attachés 3 chefs de cases de Kogué qui avaient meuti. Les blancs peuvent défendre ce qu'ils veulent, mais je ferais ce que je voudrai. S'il veut faire aussi dans le village, je lui donne un coup de lance. Le blanc pourra me tuer après; je n'ai ni femme, ni ... (illegible)"

This translates roughly to "What? The whites are here too? They are everywhere. I saw one at Togou and someone told me there was a white at Yolo. If they come into this region, I am going to leave. Even worse, at Togou, the whites arrested three heads of households from Kogué. The whites can try and stop me, but I'll do what I like. If they come into my village, I'll attack them with my spear. They can kill me for it; I have neither a wife nor ... "