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Commandant du Poste de Bamako Ribes,
État justificatif des dépenses faites à Bamako et
Koulikoro pour construction des magasines de mil
(Bamako, 19 December 1896)
in ANM 1 N 127 fonds anciens

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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The French built warehouses for millet in Bamako (44 units) and Koulikoro (8 units). A map shows that the 44 units in Bamako were circular, arranged in four rows of eleven, and surrounded by a low wall. They were made from banco (sun-dried earthen bricks).

M. Samba Diallo was paid 1,504 francs for providing labor on the Bamako warehouses. That amounted to 564 worker-days at 0.50 francs/day and 3,055 worker-days at 0.40 francs/day. The construction of the warehouses at Koulikoro only required 20 worker-days at 1.40 francs/day and 311 worker-days at 0.25f. All of the workers received rations valued at 0.15 francs/day except for the highest paid workers in Koulikoro. The total labor cost was 2,280.25 francs out of an appropriation of 3,000 francs.