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Commandant du Cercle de Djenné to the delegate of the Governor General in Kayes, "Rapport sur les commerçants établis à Djenné" (February 24, 1903),
in ANM 1 Q 50 fonds anciens.

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M. Raba arrived in 1897, representing the Maison Rabaud et Cie. … St. Louis. He established comptoirs in various cercles (Bandiagara, Kaka, Hombouri, Bobo) and used African personnel to run them. He sold European goods to Africans and bought egret plumes using French coins. He also traded European goods directly to Africans for horses, sheep, cows and salt.

In 1902, the last year that M. Raba did business in Djenné, he sold about 200,000 francs worth of goods. Unfortunately, he also had a dispute with Rabaud & Co. that year, so he had no goods to trade in 1903. Instead, he returned to Djenné in 1903 to liquidate his holdings.

M. Simon was a former employee of Raba. He opened his own business in Djenné in July 1902, with help from two brothers and 25,000 francs worth of goods.

There was also an African named Souleyman Diaw who ran a comptoir in Ségou for the Societe Commerciale du Soudan Fran‡ais of M. Chichignond. He sold goods worth roughly 10,000 francs per year.