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Éleves de l'École Pinet-Laprade (1924)
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Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Française, p.i. Tournier to GGAOF,
letter n°375 (Bamako-Koulikoro, October 17, 1924)

After the École Pinet-Laprade was closed on Gorée, nineteen students were transferred to the École Primaire Supérieure et d'Apprentissage in Bamako. Only seventeen actually showed up, and three were kicked out for bad behavior while five petitioned to be released from their apprenticeship agreement. In addition to the motives cited in the letters (4 of which are also in this dossier), Gouverneur-Général Carde believed that the five Africans earned money working for European merchants during their vacations and didn't want to return to school. He also thought that there was a certain amount of prestige associated with schooling at Pinet-Laprade that didn't carry over to the school in Bamako.

to Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Française, three separate letters,
all written on October 13-14, 1924

These three students request to be released from their apprenticeship agreement. They claim that they must leave school to support their parents, and that they themselves are too old to learn anything more in school. There is a handwritten note from the Lt. Gouverneur which states that several of them had had to repeat a grade.

GGAOF Carde to Lt. Gouverneur du Soudan Française,
telegram n°454 (Dakar, October 29, 1924)

This gives permission to dismiss the five students before they became discipline problems. The Gouverneur Général thought it was preferable to admit younger, more pliable students.