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l'Inspecteur des Écoles Assomption, "Note de Service de l'Enseignement," n°463SE
(Bamako, July 17, 1926)
in ANM 1 G 155 fonds recents

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This letter announces an agreement to create a special curriculum for the railroad. It included three years at the École Primaire Supérieure followed by an examination similar to that administered to candidates for "commissaire des PTT, écrivains des services et aides-topographes" (post office clerks, government scribes and mapping assistants). If they passed the exam, their fourth year included specialized studies directed by railroad personnel. The last quarter included practical experience working in railroad offices.

The local government paid for the first three years of schooling, aided by a subsidy from the railroad. The fourth year's instruction and lodging was paid for entirely by the railroad. Students in the fourth year were treated as railroad employees-in-training ("stagiaires") and paid 3000 francs/year, as provided for by the Arrêté local de 27 Julliet 1926.

The école d'Apprentissage in Bamako already produced enough graduates with "certificats d'Ouvrier" (as decreed by the Arrêté local de 17 Septembre 1926) to fulfill all of the railroad's apprenticeship positions.

Classes began on September 15, 1926.