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Various letters related to the organization of a professional school for railroad employees
in ANM 1 G 155 fonds recents

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Le Directeur du Personnel to Inspecteur General des Travaux Publics,
letter n°I638 (Dakar, June 12, 1926)

The railroad was authorized to hire students from the École William Ponty who failed their examinations or were kicked out for discipline problems. In no case were they to hire successful students. The successful students were destined for the Service de l'Enseignement and l'École de Medicine, for which there were never enough qualified candidates.

Directeur du Chemin de Fer ThiŠs-Niger Chardy to Lt. Gouverneur Soudan Fran‡ais,
letter n°212SC (ThiŠs, June 25, 1926)

This is a request for yearly lists of former students from the École Primaire Supérieur and École Professionnelle that might be hired for the Cadre Local SupÉrieur des Chemin de Fer Thiès-Niger. They would be required to take an examination comparable to the final exam at the École William Ponty or École Pinet-Laprade, or the exam taken by "des Pupilles mecaniciens de la marine" (mechanical apprentices in the navy)

Directeur du Chemin de Fer ThiŠs-Niger to Lt. Gouverneur Soudan Fran‡ais,
letter n°526SC, (Thies, November 9, 1926)

Two railway workers, Mm. Salviat and Cortada, were assigned as teachers at the École Professionnelle de Bamako beginning November 15, 1926. Salviat was a "chaudronnier ouvrier" (worker who maintained boilers) and such people were in short supply.