anm document

"Mopti, Historique"
(no date, but must be after 1928-1929)
in ANM 1 D 49 fonds anciens.

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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(p1) Col. Archinard occupied Mopti in 1893 just after he occupied Djenne. Mungo Park visited in the area in 1805 and Réné Caillié visited in 1825.

(p2) At first, Mopti was used as a base for "aigrette" (egret, a bird) hunting, but as the colony's economy developed, European commercial houses moved there.

Mopti's neighborhoods: Ville Européene, Charlotville (all of the Services were here), Komoguel and Taïkry.

Mopti's popualtion: 1,628 Peul, 556 Bambara, 509 Marka, 1,087 Bozo, 55 European, 60 Syrian, 3 North Americans.

Geography: 14°33'30" north latitude and 4°4'10" west longitude. Mopti is located 250 meters above sea level.

(p3) There is a reference to the 1928-29 rainy season which helps to date this document. At the time of writing, Komoguel and Taïkry are not yet joined by a land corridor.

WWI increased commercial activity in Mopti.