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Borgnis-Desbordes, "Bamako hier, aujourd'hui et demain"
in ANM 1 D 33 fonds anciens.

© 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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NOTE: There is no date on this typewritten document, but on page 1, it mentions that Bamako was barely 65 years old and on page II of the introduction, it mentions the 50th anniversary of the founding of Bamako on December 26, 1933. That suggests that this document was prepared around the spring of 1948. (p1) Bamako is located at 1239'N and 758'W. It has about 70000 people, an aerodrome, a railroad and covers about 25 km2 of area. It was founded barely 65 years ago.

(p2) The Niger River reached its maximum height in September.

(p6) The maximum rainfall came in August. These are monthly rainfall averages from January to December in millimeters: 1.1, 0, 1.4, 23.6, 60.3, 158.4, 250.9, 308.9, 214.3, 64.6, 11.3, 0.2

(p16) Mungo Park reported that the Niaré family were the chiefs of Bamako.

(p21) Chief Titi Niaré greeted Borgnis-Desbordes when he arrived in 1883.

(p22) The fort was constructed with French, Senegalese and Chinese labor using Koulouba stone, local trees and imported cement. This prompted Capt. Ruault, the first commandant of the post, to experiement with chalk made from shells harvested from the Niger River. It made an acceptable cement.


(p31) This report says that the arrival of the railroad was a momentous occasion in Bamako's history.

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