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Affaires du Automobile au Soudan
in ANFOM Affaires Politics, Carton 603, Dossier 6

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This file contains documents pertaining to the dissolution of the Compagnie des Transports par Automobiles au Soudan Francais. Apparently, the company's asserts were confiscated by the colonial administration sometime before May 15, 1915. Two years later, an official of the company, M. Jean Labbé, wrote to the Gouverneur Général (letter of March 21, 1917) to reject the government's offer of compensation for 5,592.85 francs. The same letter mentions difficulties between the company and the colony that existed since 1900. For further information on the origin of the Société des Transports Automobile du Soudan, see the article by Yves-J. St. Martin.

Gouverneur Général de l'AOF to Ministre des Colonies, telegram (Dakar, June 20, 1917)

M. Paul Enjalbal claims to have found a process to make a product out of buerre de Karité that is fit for human consumption (comestible).

M. Garde to Ministre des Colonies, telegram (Dakar, October 1, 1917)

This telegram explains everything. Apparently, the company owed the government money, so the government brought suit and won judgements in Kayes for the seizure of assets on August 8, 1901 and June 10, 1910.

The debts includced the following:

Item Amount (francs)
Owed to local government services 4,960.19
Owed to the railroad 1,171.59
Owed to colonial government services 9,311.62
Government advance for the feeding
and repatriation of Chinese workers
Total 55,443.40

Later, this total was reduced to 54,280.81 francs, but storage fees of 20,382.60 francs were added, bringing the total to 74,663.41 francs.