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Dossier 17: Soudan Administration
in ANFOM Affaires Politiques, Carton 2197

Notes © 1999 by Jim Jones, Ph.D.

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The first representatives (deputés) elected from French Soudan to the French Union were M. Fili Dabo Sissoko, M. Silvandre, and M. Mamadou Konaté.

Mamadou Konaté to Ministre des TOM Moutet à Paris, telegram (December 2, 1946)

The Gouverneur du Soudan is about to send troops (the Troupe Gendarmerie Mobile) to Sikasso to round up the population. Konaté requested the minsiter's intervention to prevent this, and accused French colonial officials of being "plupart pecheurs eau trouble" (mostly fishmen in troubled waters; i.e. looking for trouble)

Ministre de FOM Delavignette to Haut-Commissaire de la Republique Gouverneur-Général de l'AOF à Dakar, letter (January 21, 1948)

This letter refers to an earlier letter from the Haut- Commissaire, n°AP/2, dated December 20, Dec 1947, concerning the incident between M. le Deputé Fily Dabo Sissoko and le Médecin-Capitaine Courapie. (See "Incidents de Sikasso")