Physics 130: General Physics I (Spring 2017)

Course Description

Physics 130: General Physics I is an algebra-based introductory course in physics. Topics covered include kinematics, forces, energy, momentum, rotational motion, fluids, oscillations, wave motion, and thermodynamics. In less technical language, we will cover the mathematical description of motion (kinematics), how forces give rise to changes in motion (dynamics), and a number of applications within canonical physical systems. A laboratory portion of this course provides a hands-on exploration of the physical laws and concepts discussed in class.

This course is part of a two-semester algebra-based introduction to physics. This sequence is designed for students pursuing programs in biological and health sciences, as well as programs outside the sciences. Consult the WCU Undergraduate Catalog to determine which introductory sequence is appropriate for your program.

Note: Consult the course D2L site for the most up-to-date materials.